Origin of Baby Foot


In April of 1977 the original product named Haitemitara, which means “easy to care for the sole simply by wearing,” was launched as a professional specification beauty-salon-level treatment for home use.

Pyroligneous Acid was the main active ingredient that caused the dead skin cells on the sole of the foot to dramatically peel off with just one application. It first attracted public attention through mail order, then became a big hit within a few months after arriving on the market.

Summer of 2005, Baby Foot (Original) replaced the original name to describe the effect of making the sole feel like a baby’s after the application. It is composed of 12 types of natural extracts which are gentle on the skin, but also had a high moisturizing power.

The package was also redesigned with a dice shape to make it more appealing to the women. Baby Foot was launched in retail stores such as lifestyle shops and drug stores in addition to TV shopping.

Baby Foot has also launched “Baby Foot Citrus,” “Baby Foot Easy Pack,” “Baby Foot Easy Pack Moisture Plus,” and “Baby Foot Easy Pack Moisture Plus (L)” between Spring of 2008 and Spring of 2010.

Category : Blog Posted on April 23, 2014